My name is Grace Leuenberger and I’m an aunt, a sister, and a person who once cried when she received a pair of very nice slippers for Christmas. I was born and raised in rural Western Pennsylvania, home to rolling farmland, weird casseroles, questionable accents, and the most loyal people I’ve met. I’m the youngest of four with three older brothers, so any humor you’ll find here must be credited back to the fact that I had to develop some kind of survival mechanism to escape the loathsome label of “annoying little sister.”

I’ve moved eight times in my twenty-five years, including an adventurous year in Nashville, TN. I now reside in the beautiful and quirky town of Kent, Ohio with my golden retriever, Tess, and my growing collection of vintage postcards. I love running, hiking, and making a huge mess in my kitchen. I love my family, books, and staying at home. I love meaningful conversations, well-brewed coffee, and being shown around new places by old and new friends.

Finally, I love to write. I write because it’s often the way my faith comes more alive, how I process through the big questions, how I slow myself down to sit and remember. This blog is a collection of these thoughts. Some are serious, some are funny, but more often than not, they’re both. Because life isn’t often lived in the either/or, the black and white. Thanks for stopping by and reading my thoughts. I’m glad you’re here. 

Warmest wishes from your Internet Pal, 


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