Book Review: Prayer in the Night

I began 2021 by reading Tish Harrison Warren’s forthcoming book Prayer in the Night. I had the honor and opportunity to read it early (it releases on Tuesday, January 26) and share a preview and review about the book on Mockingbird. The book is about the Book of Common Prayer’s evening prayer service AKA Compline, something I was introduced to in college in the cozy living room of two beloved friends.

Prayer in the Night, to use Warren’s own words, is “a high-dose of reality.” Warren stares directly into the black of night, and admittedly, I’m still quite afraid of the dark. Death, disease, divorce, depression — this book does not quake under the covers from things that go bump in the night…But there is more to Prayer in the Night than the shadows it shared and crying it caused; Warren’s writing makes me feel like I’ve joined her at the dinner table where she teaches me an old, wise prayer.

Click the button below to read a review of my reading experience that shares about the heart of Tish’s second book along with a reflection on my own upbringing with old prayers. I hope you’ll read the review, but more importantly, that you’ll buy and read Tish’s book.

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