Every year, I write a list of 10 lessons I’ve learned. I learned a lot this year, but I know there’s much more to process through even after 2020 wraps up. Nevertheless, here’s my 2020 list:

1. Going to counseling was one of the best decisions and most needed changes I made all year.

2. I like (and miss) hugs more than I would’ve guessed!

3. I need far less clothes and shoes than were in my closet.

4. My body deserves my respect, not my disdain.

5. Pretending & insisting that I don’t care what people think of me or that I’m not hurt is unhelpful and inhibits healing.

6. God is so personal! I see the specific ways he shows his love for me, and I’m so struck by it.

7. Being single has allowed me such rich and growing opportunities this year—genuinely grateful for it.

8. One of the greatest joys and honors of my post-college life is getting to deepen relationships that started when we were basically still kids.

9. The banjo is a miraculous instrument!

10. It doesn’t matter if people read it; write anyway.

If you have any lessons you learned this year that you’d like to share, too, please do! I’d love to hear from you.

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