Pigtails, Peace, and Politics

This evening, the Democratic National Convention will begin.

I’ve already read many articles and comments addressing Christians’ support or opposition to Joe Biden. I’ve witnessed name-calling and assumption-hurling. I’ve heard people say you can’t vote for Joe Biden and be a serious Christian, and I’ve heard people share that to vote for Biden is to vote for the demise of Christianity. Both views, in my opinion, are misguided.

First, if you’d like to talk to a serious Christian about why they’re voting for Joe Biden, you can talk to me. I’m serious. I am not afraid to speak with people who might disagree with me, nor am I too stubborn to be challenged in my viewpoints. I think we all have something to learn from each other, even if we decide to proceed with our original choice.

Second, I do not think Christianity will “see its demise,” but the American bastardized-version of Christianity just may. And I welcome that. America’s worship of power and prestige needs to see its demise.

I will not be manipulated by fear tactics aimed towards my faith; I already know how The Story ends.

Whether you vote for Biden or vote for Trump, abstain from voting or vote third party, I leave you with this thought: you are responsible. Each of us have personal, professional, financial, civic, and spiritual responsibilities in our unique callings to pursue justice, peace, and protection of the vulnerable. I declare Christ as King, but I do not think that kicking back and letting things play out will help usher in the Kingdom.

As the DNC kicks off tonight, I know that I will not agree with everything that is said or promised, but I do know that I will not be withdrawing from my responsibility to vote because of this. I am going to vote, give, and talk to people who I disagree with and even vote for people who I don’t and won’t always see eye to eye with. I am not going to call people names or make assumptions. I am going to pursue peace, and I am going to pray. I am going to live a life grounded in truth, a life that won’t always make sense to everyone. I’m going to take responsibility, ask for forgiveness, and pray for equipping when I do not act justly, love mercifully, or walk humbly with God.

And I am going to wear pigtail braids while I’m at it.

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