10 Lessons I’ve Learned in 2018

Last year I made a list of the 10 biggest lessons I learned in 2017. With only a couple weeks of 2018 remaining, here’s my list for this year:

1. Change is often accompanied with grief. There are seasons when leaning into grief is the only way to healthily adapt and adjust to change.

2. Going through life with a poker face is overrated.

3. Prayers are not always answered with words or changed circumstances. Sometimes God uses people or even silence to answer back.

4. Distance and time are interesting salves. It’s not a sign of weakness to put up barriers of distance and time when healing from past hurts or unhealthiness are present

5. Spending that extra $20 on Farmers’ Market produce is worth it. Every time.

6. My existence and presence is valued and valuable beyond what I bring to the table.

7. Every earthly thing in this life that I attach my value to or seek value from WILL be inadequate. It’s also part of the human condition to have an ever-present sense of emptiness, but this is not something to fear; it simply means that I have a soul that’s really meant for something beyond all of this.

8. Wearing a helmet is a good idea.

9. Life often rarely turns out how I think I want it to. I give thanks for this — humans are awful at making good plans (myself included).

10. Life and the people in our lives are precious and limited. Express gratitude, love, and kindness whenever you can because there will come a day when it just won’t be physically possible anymore.

* * *

Thanks for following along with me here this year. The internet is a weird place to be honest, but it’s a place I’ll keep being honest on because I believe it’s worth it.

I’m glad we’re on earth at the same time, internet pals.

2 responses to “10 Lessons I’ve Learned in 2018”

  1. Powerfully written HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND HAPPY 2019 😇


  2. […] last few years, I’ve spent some time summarizing the lessons I learned over the course of the year. Of course, these 10 things are an inadequate representation […]


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