When I have a lot of things that I want to share on Facebook but am self-conscious about over-posting, I just come to this lil’ blog to share my links and thoughts here! I’ve come across some articles and thoughts this week that really stuck out to me, and wanted to pass them on for you all to digest (also there is a recipe in here, LOL @ me) throughout the weekend.


1. Article: The Post-Break Up Emails of a Natural Born Polemicist

Full disclosure: when I read this article’s title, I did not know what a polemicist was/is. Naturally, I asked the internet to explain to me things I didn’t understand from the internet. A polemicist is: a person who engages in controversial debate. While I wouldn’t go as so far as to call myself a polemicist, my mother did tell me that I “Always have an answer to anything.” She did not ~exactly~ mean that as a compliment. Anyways! This article by Mockingbird HAD MY NUMBER.

This article dives into my tendency to sometimes use writing as an escape tool instead of an introspective tool. This quote illuminates it quite well, but for sure read the whole article. Lots of things to chew on.

“Eloquently articulating a feeling is one way to avoid actually experiencing it. Words are only symbols, noises or marks on paper, and turning the messy, ugly stuff of life into language renders it inert and manageable for the author, even as it intensifies it for the reader. It’s a nerdy, sensitive kid’s way of turning suffering into something safely abstract, an object of contemplation.”

Read the rest here.

2. Recipe: Something to literally chew on


A couple of weekends ago, I made malfatti, a pasta/dumpling dish courtesy of Bon Appetit, my favorite magazine/recipe source/food friends. The whole recipe is here, and it makes for a fairly easy, super fun, VERY tasty weekend food project. Highly recommended!

3. Thought: Life Faker

This website is called Life Faker, and is a hilarious yet poignant capture of what it’s like to have a social media account, particularly Instagram. I admit that I enjoy having some good photos on my Instagram feed, but I also really try to share the hard parts of my life, too. I will say though, people NEVER “like” those photos as much – 9/10 people want good looking photos with funny captions.

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 9.09.36 AM

This website is ~spoiler alert~ fake, but provides a great commentary on the pressure of social media. The website says that 62% of people feel inadequate comparing their lives to others online. This makes me stop and think more about why I have social media and how it can be a powerful force for both evil and good. Something to consider…

4. Video: This Made Me Cry – Unlikely Friends 

When I was in Nashville working for Q Ideas, I had the chance to meet a lot of the speakers we had at our 2018 conference. Two of those speakers included Michael Kent and Tiffany Whittier. Michael is a former neo-nazi whose life was defined by rejection and hate. Tiffany is an African-American probation officer assigned to his case.

I Am Second released a video about their story, and it moved me to tears. I really recommend giving it your time. Truly such an impactful story of love and grace.



There’s a lot of good stuff here – I hope you’ll check it out. Have a great weekend!

– Grace

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