I realized today that there’s so much stuff I want to share about with people, so I decided to make a post about it. My recommendations for your weekend!


An excellent read

My friend Nate wrote this AMAZING piece called “Memories from the Future: A Word on Abandoned Houses, Nostalgia, and the Hope of the World.” I cannot emphasize enough how good this read is. It’s a complex and thoughtful piece that will leave you much to think about, but in a very good way.


A little snippet:

“Growing up in rural Southern Ontario, I discovered early on that there was an abundance of abandoned farmhouses littered throughout forgotten corners of the lush landscape…Many happy Saturday afternoons were spent with friends in my teenage years riding bikes down dirt roads, looking for vacant houses to explore.All along, the piercing quality of a strong childhood memory inspired me. I was endlessly fascinated by everything about those homes. I spent hours trying to piece together the stories of the families that once lived there based on the artifacts they’d left behind. The places were saturated in nostalgic longing, offering windows into decades past that were only otherwise accessible to me through carefully curated movie sets, or in the frozen-in-time living rooms of elderly church members…There was a tragic drama that characterized each house that I explored, and I wanted to know the full story, and the characters involved, in order to somehow make sense of the incongruity of the existence of those places.”

Food for thought

An interesting thought as I consider what it means to practice imagination, wonder, and creativity.


Food for actual stomachs

These turkey curry meatballs are a Friday-night favorite of mine when I have a bit more time to cook. I sub out the fish sauce for soy sauce and add extra chili flakes for a good bit of spice! I also love to top it with crunchy pan-seared kale.


Some tunes

Some of the songs I’ve been enjoying can be listened to here. If you live in Nashville, TN, you are lucky to have a warm enough weekend to listen to these in the car with the windows down! (I am a lucky one)

Another read that’s less good but still decent!

I published a new piece on my other blog just yesterday about a guy named Branden Harvey, and I’d encourage you to check it out! I think Branden’s outlook on work, life, and current events is counter-cultural to the deep-seated pessimism or even blind optimism many of us adopt to make it through. I really am encouraged by his work.



Okay! Everyone have a GREAT weekend! Check these things out above if you get a chance 🙂




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