10 Lessons I’ve Learned in 2017

Ten things I’ve learned this year that I’ll carry with me into 2018. 

1. Conversations I’m afraid to have with myself, others, or God are often met with gracious healing.

2. Joy is a practice, one I’ve had to work towards in a year of terrible news from both the world and from the lives of loved ones.

3. Daring to ask a question may cause more questions. Ask anyways.

4. I am not better or worse because of how a place or a person makes me feel. I am loved perfectly right now.

5. What I do or can’t do, make or don’t make defines me or gives me value. I am valuable outside of what I can contribute.

6. Encouragement matters. A kind word and a thoughtful affirmation to another person has great impact.

7. Some seasons I may be called to speak, but this one I’m called to listen.

8. It’s okay to say, “I don’t know,” “I need to think about that,” or “I was wrong.” I have to trust that being 23 gives me some grace to live in the in-between.

9. Comfort should discomfort me. When I get too comfortable, I forget about God and His people. Discomfort is an essential part of my personal calling as a Christian.

10. God works everywhere, through everyone, every time. I can’t often hear what He’s telling me in the moment, what story He’s taking me on, but he IS orchestrating a beautiful symphony, he IS writing an incredible narrative for me and the world.

What have you learned? 

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