The Myth of Readiness

Tonight my brother asked me, “Are you ready for this week?” I looked at him, laughed, and said, “NO!”

I’m ready in the physical sense. I’ve run my errands, visited my people, crossed off my checklist. My car is ready to be packed for moving day (Tuesday). My plane tickets to Colorado are purchased, my plans are made, my arrangements settled. My traveling shoes are laid out, ready to be laced up and carry me away. I don’t feel terribly sad, or like I can’t handle the changes coming soon.


But, this week will be my first time moving to a place that isn’t in western Pennsylvania and that’s more than an hour from my family. This week will be the second time I’ve flown ever and my first time flying alone and navigating an airport. This week will be the first time I’ve been further west than Indiana. It’s all very exciting!


Like any change in life, it’s a bit intimidating. I am ready and I’m not ready. But that–I am learning–is how life goes. There’s a difference in having certainty and having confidence; certainty, in my opinion, isn’t possible to have in our human endeavors. Confidence, however, comes from something outside of ourselves. It’s a peace that assures us that though we may not be ready, we are equipped with what we need to keep going. On the other side may be great success or embarrassing failure but we are equipped and designed and have a purpose that will play out in the days ahead.

I will never be fully ready for a job or a dream or a relationship or a move or a big life change, but I will not let that stop me from lacing up my shoes and going. I am equipped for what’s next on this journey.



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