Just stopping by to say that…

A few weeks back I decided to treat myself to a professional photo shoot with my one and only. No I don’t mean my boyfriend or fiancé, I mean…MY DOG!!!


Q: “Why did you decide to have a photoshoot with your dog? Are you a weirdo?”

A: Because I could and yes.

We had a grand time, and got our photos taken on my favorite street in Pittsburgh. It was grand. I now have some precious mementos of me and my pup, plus some boss new headshots for me to use for all my future professional endeavors, including this summer’s mega-super-exciting-wow-itsgunnabegreat-relaunch of Dreams Go Live!

Check out the rest of the photos on the blog of my amazingly talented professional photographer friend Hannah Bjorndal. If you need your own photos with your dog, significant other, beautiful face, etc., Hannah does an amazing job!

So go ahead: treat yo’ self!

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